My Innocence and My Shame

by Mariama Whyte

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"My Innocence and My Shame" video:

"My Innocence and My Shame" is very personal to me. I was raped when I was 17 by someone I knew and wrote this song years later to come to terms with the painful effects of that experience and also to finally let it go and leave it behind me. I received counseling as well, which definitely helped me to release the feelings of guilt and shame that I carried for years. I never intended to release it publicly as it was really my own way of self-expression and healing that I needed for myself at the time. But as I grow older, I am learning to embrace the power of sharing my story, however difficult it may be. This may possibly let someone else know who has experienced this that they are not alone. I decided to release this part of my life to raise awareness for a cause much bigger than me. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and as people and organizations are bringing more attention to this cause, I choose to do the same by sharing my story. As a Cleveland native, I have decided to give a portion of sales profits to the various organizations in Cleveland that help prevent sexual assault and its victims, so I truly appreciate your support by downloading and sharing this message. I believe the more we can help prevent sexual assault and support its survivors, the better we will all be.


My Innocence and My Shame
Written by Mariama Whyte

These waters are deep and if I lose my step
I may go under
There's a secret that I keep and if I hold my breath
I may not remember
Now I could believe I made this all up
Pretend it's all a dirty dream
But memories never give up
When things are really as they seem

And everybody says it's not my fault
But my body says it's not the same
Ever since the night that I got caught
In between my innocence and my shame

These waters are cold
I'm frozen in the middle of a raging whirlwind and a quiet tide
I'm guilty as sin, pure as gold
The moment that I lose my struggle and he forces his way inside
Can I just imagine this away
Unravel myself from this web
And who would believe anyway
That I had a monster in my bed

And everybody says it's not my fault
But my body says it's not the same
Ever since the night that I got caught
In between my innocence and my shame


released April 9, 2014
Written and produced by Mariama Whyte
All vocals by Mariama Whyte
Guitar by BZ Lewis
Mixed and Mastered by Eriq Troi

Photography by McKinley Wiley at The Dark Room Company

Make-up/hair by Mariama Whyte



all rights reserved


Mariama Whyte Cleveland, Ohio

Mariama Whyte is not your typical artist. Inside her lies a unique voice of many colors. She sings and writes from a place of both tenderness and strength and with R&B as her musical foundation, effortlessly moves through different sounds while remaining herself and at home in them all. A Broadway actress as well, Mariama Whyte has a rare voice and message that the whole world will soon hear. ... more

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